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Help us to protect the Giara Horses!

Cavallini della Giara, branco (Equus caballus jarae)

Cavallini della Giara, branco (Equus caballus jarae)

The environmental non profit organization of Legal Intervention – Gruppo d’Intervento Giuridico onlus together with the Union of Marmilla Municipal Councils, promotes a campaign to help the Giara Horses, the last and unique wild horses in Europe, today seriously endangered.

Is Cuaddedus (in Sardinian language) are found on a large basalt plateau, called Giara, a wild area in South Sardinia, Italy. The Giara, near the archaeological site of Barumini (“Su Nuraxi” is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites) is one of the most interesting areas of the Island, with lovely historic sites, long tradition tasty food and wine, cosy villages. The little wild horses have lived there since ancient times (some say they descend from Phoenician horses, some other say they were found in that area since Nuragic times. However, fossils records show their presence in the Island since about 6.000 B.C.) but nowadays they are facing a lot of threats: hunting, poaching, illegal grazing, fireLeggi tutto…