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Ambasciatori dell’Oceano e difensori dell’ambiente, in Irlanda.

IMG_1213Kinsale, Contea di Cork, Irlanda. Abbiamo incontrato Allie Loader (Nuova Zelanda) e Greville Walsh (Irlanda), surfisti che da oltre vent’anni seguono con fedeltà le onde sul Pianeta Blu: la Terra.

Allie e Greville hanno una scuola di surf a Garretstown Beach http://kinsalesurfschool.com/ e con loro abbiamo sentito subito una grande sintonia http://kinsalesurfschool.com/ocean-protection/IMG_1295

Come ambasciatori dell’Oceano, Allie e Greville sentono di avere “una responsabilità forte e reale nel promuovere la salute delle spiagge e del mare in ogni momento.”

E noi la condividiamo! Pertanto, se passate per Kinsale, fate un salto a Garretstown Beach e preparatevi al vostro battesimo tra le onde!

Michele Favaron

Gruppo d’Intervento Giuridico onlus


IMG_1246Sunday 21st June 2015

Hi Allie thanks for finding the time for this interview!

  1. How, when and where was Kinsale Surf Adventures born? Our business was born when two surfers met on a marine reserve in the middle of the pacific both following their dreams of chasing waves around the world.
  1. Why did you choose Garretstown Beach, in Ireland, as the base camp? Do you have also other locations? Garretstown beach is ideal for learning as it has easy waves rolling through all year round over a sandy bottom beach, it is never crowded and makes a perfect safe environment for learning.
  2. Who does participate in your courses and what activities do you offer? We teach all walks of life from 4 years old to 100! We offer surf lessons, stand up paddle boarding, coasteering, yoga and Monster SUP!
  3. How the guys without a car can reach Garretstown Beach? We offer pick up and drop off service from Kinsale for a small fee.
  4. Do you remember the first time you surfed? Where were you and what were you thinking about, in that day? I first learned to surf in my country of NZ, I had wanted to try all of my life but lived in the mountains no where near the sea when I was a teenager. When I finally moved to the coast it was the first thing I did and I have never looked back!
  5. Precisely, at what point of your life did you realize that the beaches and the waves around the world would have been your home? Since a very early age, my family grew up on the beach, it was the place we went to have fun and we were always happiest there.
  6. Is there a place that is always in your heart? The island where I met my finacee
  7. Are you chasing the waves or the waves are chasing you? In other words, do you think it’s a choice or a vocation? Its definalty a vocation, it is my purpose in life to be in and around the ocean.IMG_1300
  1. If I ask you to think about a surfer, what is the first name that comes to your mind? Why? Kelly Slater as he the king and no one will ever be as much as a legend as he is in the sport.
  2. I would like you to speak about Mavericks… Big scary and awe inspiring!
  3. What is the highest wave you have known in your life? Watching footage of Nizare- crazy!
  4. Can you tame a wave? Do you like if I use this expression: “tame”? No you can’t, you must work with the energy of the ocean, it is her choice whether or not she brings you a perfect wave.
  1. What did you learn from surfing? Everything. Patience, Respect, Love, Peace
  2. “If Ocean dies, we die.” I found it written on your website… This is true, the world is made up by a huge part of oceans. We as a race can not survive if the ocean does not survive which is why it is suicidal to be strangling something so beautiful that we rely on for our existance. If we had no ocean (or oceans) the water cycle would break down, having the following consequences:
    No rain.
    No rivers.
    No lakes.
    No water.
    Animals would die.
    Plants would die.
    Humans would die.
  3. Is there a mortal sin for a surfer? Not sharing waves.
  4. Do you think there is a connection between freedom, surf and wildlife? If so, how they come together? They are all connected, wildlife should be free, surfing makes you feel free, the ocean should be free from the destruction of humans….
  5. The best and the worst memories associated with your experience of surfers. Worst is definatley violence and anger in the lineup. The best is sharing waves with the wildlife.
  1. Do you want to make a final appeal to our readers? I urge everyone to make steps every day towards cleaning up our waterways, use biodegradable products- shampoos, soaps etc as it all ends up in the water ways eventually, pick up litter on the beach, stand up for mother nature and mother earth and try to educate others who don’t see what their actions are causing…
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